When doing decorative painting on furniture it is very important to use the best possible materials, paints, brushes, waxes and varnishes. We offer to you premium decorative furniture painting supplies at competitive prices. You won't find better products anywhere else!

Heirloom Tradition chalk-type paint. We have three sizes, samples/$12, pints/$20 and quarts/$30. This paint goes on like velvet. There are 50 fabulous colors to choose from or you are free to choose a couple and mix them to create a new color. The uniqueness of this type paint in it's ability to adhere to any surface with NO PREP (one doesn't have to prime nor sand your piece). You can paint directly on wood, Formica, glass, plastic, metal, etc.

This paint can be glazed for a distressed look. We offer clear glaze to which any paint color may be added to create the glaze of your choice. This is applied with a brush and dabbed off with a paper towel or sponge to reach your desired look.

To finish your painted project you,at choose to wax over the paint. Heirloom Traditions offers a variety of different color waxes. These are easily applied with a lint free rag. It enhances the richness of the color paint you have chosen. Sometimes one chooses to apply more than one wax color to reach a desired look. This wax finish is a beautiful smooth finish and you may call your project complete at this point. However if it is a piece that will get lots of wear, such as a table top, you should consider finishing it with a topcoat (varnish).

We carry a variety of sizes of great quality brushes. We recommend one have a mop brush and a philbert brush in their supplies to have the best tools for decorative painting.

We offer Best Chalk Brushes for maximum ease and effect in applying our paints
Small. $20
Medium. $34
Large. $40
With proper care these brushes will last for years.

We also carry SoJonja acrylic paints. After lots of experimenting with acrylic paints we find this to be most effective in single coating. It comes in a lovely palette of colors and available in two sizes:
Large. $10
Small $4

Heirloom Traditions offers two kinds of Top Coat. Either leaves a hardened, matt, satin or gloss finish. This Top Coat may be applied directly over a painted piece or over the waxed finish. One of the Top Coats must be cleaned with mineral spirits and the other is water based. The varnishes are applied with a damp sponge, rag or brush.

Easily applied with a brush to leave a matt, satin or gloss finish on your project.
Varnish $25